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The Astrolabe

Registration for the Astrolabe Class is now closed.  

The instructions for the  Mariner's Compass and the Armillary Sphere are now available for sale on the project instructions page.


The B​oleyn Bloom

The instructions for this project are available for purchase

 on the Project Instructions page

This beautiful blue blossom was inspired by a fragment of embroidery traditionally believed to have graced the bed Anne Boleyn was born in.  It is a two day project suitable for intermediate embroiderers.  Gold and green metallic leather, plate, crystals, beads, spangles all combine with traditional goldwork threads to make this an engaging motif to embroider.  It is worked on a ground of silk faille and elegantly framed with looped gold passing. 

Bronwyn's Bloom

The instructions for this project are available for  purchase on the Project Instructions page

This is the second in the series inspired by the floral design on the Anne Boleyn fragment.  It employs similar threads and techniques in orange, yellow, green and gold.

Elizabeth's Bloom

The instructions for this project are available for purchase 

on the Project Instructions page

The third and final bloom in the Boleyn Series is a full flower with two small buds named for Anne's daughter.  Purple, white and green silk make a perfect combination to compliment the first two blooms. Threads used include two widths of plate, passing, gilt sylke twist, pearl purl and lizerine, highlighted with sparkling crystals.  The pattern is now available on the shop page.


Sweet Eglantine 

This project is featured in Issue 113 of 

Inspirations Magazine published in February 2022

Eglantine is the first flower in the series of three inspired by the 16th century botanical illustrations of the French artist Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues. The sprig is worked on a ground of ivory satin in layers of fine coloured silk and metal threads in gold and silver, bringing the delicate blooms to life.


The third and final of the 16th century botanical series is the Marigold. The blooms sparkle in gold and red silk with gold metal highlights. Alternating layers of gold threads and gold and red silk add dimension to each petal.  The bud is padded and shaded with silk over plate and the leaves are worked in satin stitch, plate, crimped plate, lizerine and smooth purl. Marigold is a handsome companion for 

 Eglantine and Sweet Pea. Instructions are pending.

Sweet Pea aka Simply Irresistible

The instructions for this project are available in 

Issue #105 of  Inspirations Magazine.

The delicate Sweet Pea flower is worked in purple silk and silver plate. The leaves are layers of gold threads and green silk and the stems and fine tendrils are various sizes of lizerene.

The seed pods are worked in satin stitch, padded satin and circular couched passing, partially covered in rows of laid gilt silk twist.  It is a beautiful companion to the Eglantine.


Tudor Garland

Tudor Garland features a circlet of strawberry fruit and blossoms and larkspur flowers. 

Worked in a wide range of metal threads and coloured silks, this is a challenging project for advanced embroiderers.  

The instructions are available in A Passion for Needlework III, Blakeston Creamery published by Inspirations Magazine.

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